Florida is 2nd most expensive state for car insurance, study says

Florida is 2nd most expensive state for car insurance, study says

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida may be the 12th best state for driving, but that doesn’t mean it’s not expensive. However, one of the drawbacks of driving in the Sunshine State is the high cost of car insurance.

According to a new study of coverage rates by ValuePenguin, Florida is the second most expensive state when it comes to the average cost for car insurance in the country. The study looked at both liability-only coverage and full-coverage for drivers across the United States.

Of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Florida was the second priciest, with an average cost of $238 per month for full-coverage insurance. The study also found coverage rates were much higher for teen drivers than for any other age group.

Full coverage car insurance costs your average 16-year-old around $584 per month compared to $143 per month for the average 35-year-old driver.

“Average annual car insurance costs can decrease significantly between the ages of 18 and 25, as insurance companies tend to evaluate older drivers as both less risky and less likely to file a claim,” the study said.

Additionally, male drivers have the highest monthly rates based on estimates from drivers age 20 years old. Women have the least costly average monthly rate. Non-binary drivers fall in the middle. The analysis showed that while women pay $126 per month on average for coverage, men pay $142, and non-binary drivers pay $129. However, not every state has different rates for drivers based on gender identity.

California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania have regulations in place that ensure drivers pay the same rates if all other factors are the same, rather than adjusting cost for gender.

Driving under the influence can also factor into your insurance rates. In Florida, if you have a DUI, your insurance could go up as much as 54{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7} per month.

Married Floridians on average will get a 4{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7} discount, according to ValuePenguin. While most states have discounts for married residents, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Montana do not, the study said.

Here are the top 10 most expensive states for car insurance, according to the study.

State Liability only Full coverage
Michigan $196 $399
Florida $91 $238
Rhode Island $100 $229
Nevada $97 $216
Louisiana $73 $198
Massachusetts $61 $178
Connecticut $80 $171
Delaware $84 $171
Kentucky $73 $170
Colorado $60 $168
(Source: ValuePenguin)

ValuePenguin also analyzed the costs based on where Floridians live.

This chart shows the most expensive cities for car insurance in Tampa Bay, their average monthly cost and how much it differs from the state average.

City Average Monthly Cost Difference from Average
Apollo Beach $268 +13{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Auburndale $230 -4{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Avon Park $204 -14{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Bartow $217 -9{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Bay Pines $254 +6{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Bayonet Point $269 13{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Bayshore Gardens $231 -3{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Belleair Beach $250 +5{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Beverly Hills $208 -13{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Bradenton $221 -7{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Brandon $288 +21{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Brooksville $232 -3{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Carrollwood $307 +29{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Clearwater $255 +7{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Davenport $227 -5{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Dunedin $255 +7{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Egypt Lake-Leto $329 +38{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Englewood $193 -19{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Gulfport $261 +9{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Haines City $226 -5{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Key Vista $273 +14{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Lakeland $223 -6{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Longboat Key $212 -11{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
New Port Richey $265 +11{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
North Port $194 -18{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Oldsmar $254 +6{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Palm Harbor $256 +8{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Palmetto $228 -4{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Sarasota $212 -11{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Sebring $201 -16{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Seffner $281 +18{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Siesta Key $209 -12{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Springhill $210 -12{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
St. Petersburg $260 +9{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Tampa $306 +28{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Temple Terrace $301 +26{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Wauchula $205 -14{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Weeki Wachee Gardens $236 -1{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
Winter Haven $231 -3{a652ac39cb023ff8fd1cc85f4393f5b1bb70bf2f880b7bee35f712e4bd8633f7}
(Source: ValuePenguin)